At the heart of my teaching approach, lies the happiness of the student.


It has been my philosophy and aim to not only guide my students in their path of learning HOW to Swim, but to open every path in their journey to learning how to LOVE to Swim.

My decade long experience with young students as well as adult beginners, has taught me that the key to learning swimming is to begin by building a bridge of trust. Trust between the Instructor and the student and trust from the student towards the aquatic environment.

Flexibility, fun, patience and support are the most important tools in my teaching. I ensure to give each student what they need and encourage their development in the water without ever putting the skill above the student.

Holding space and creating a safe environment for the student in which they feel heard, valued, protected and safe is the foundation of any new learning experience and therefore I make sure to take the time to build a solid connection to the student before introducing more complex skills. 

It's been a joy to see my students progress and to watch them grow into confident swimmers. It is one of the reasons I do what I do.


The journey my students take is very personal to me and I find nothing more rewarding than seeing them become happy, fearless and competent swimmers. Every breakthrough, every moment of joy, every success no matter how small on my students behalf is a moment of joy and success to me personally.



A child centred swimming class for students who feel afraid of water. 


Through games and creative travels into the child's imagination we introduce new skill sets to help them not only Learn to Swim but LOVE to Swim.


Each little breakthrough, each victory over a fear, is celebrated with lot's of claps and high fives and is a success for not only the student but the Instructor too.


Based on fun activities in a supported environment, groups are kept small to foster a feeling of community between all students participating. 

This can also be a one on one class for children over the age of 5 based on the American Red Cross Learn to Swim program.

Little Heroes


This class is all about toddlers. Toddlers who have a fear of water, who don't like to get their hair wet, their face splashed and cling onto mum and dad whenever they are anywhere near a drop or puddle.

In this tailor made group class, we aim to turn this concept upside down! Mum or Dad join us in the water where we sing, dance, wiggle, ride boats, jump, throw balls and just have so much fun, we forget we're in the water all together!

Aqua Play

Become empowered, release the fears of the past and learn to swim one step at a time.

A combination between an Aqua Yoga class and a swimming class, the same principles of deep breathing pranayama techniques are applied to help relax and release fears, building a bridge of trust to the instructor and to the aquatic environment.

Feel supported, taking what is within your power in the present moment, accepting whatever comes up, feelings, thoughts, resistance and allowing the process to take unfold in the time that you need.


I promise to hold the space for you, help demystify the aquatic environment,  and when you're ready, teach you to swim.

The aim of this class is learning to maintain confidence in the water and starting to swim in the deep end.

Big Heroes

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